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About SAKK


News: We are transparent in sharing the findings and results of our research with the public and with medical groups, and we actively engage in discussions around the reorganization of clinical research in Switzerland and therefore also take an active part in the implementation of the National Cancer Programme NCP 2011-2015. When it comes to questions of clinical cancer research, we are a primary partner and competence centre for authorities, associations and pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. News from our network and references to new publications and current events can be found under News.


Organization: We are organized as an association. The ordinary members of the SAKK are the principal clinical oncology units at the cantonal and regional hospitals and university clinics. Every principal unit collaborates with other hospitals and doctors, resulting in a network that is coordinated by the SAKK coordination centre in Bern. The scientific work of the SAKK is carried out predominantly in the project and working groups and also in the various sections. The kind of collaboration facilitated by our network is essential if new insights into treatment options and patient care are to be obtained quickly and implemented widely and is thus also crucial to progress in patient-oriented clinical cancer research.


Publications: We serve as a unique forum for intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary and interregional discussion on treatment standards and research projects involving specialists from the different regional centres. Thanks to networking with study groups abroad, it is possible to maintain a constant contact with international experts and to share experiences with them. Our regular publications offer an important information platform for obtaining details of activities, results and current topics of clinical cancer research.