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Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counseling (CPTC)

PD Sheila Unger, MD


Sheila Unger, MD, associate professor, University Hospital Lausanne / Division of Genetic Medicine


Genetic testing in the context of oncological diseases/ predispositions has increased tremendously in recent years. The network has several important roles, mainly in:

1) supporting harmonization of genetic counseling and testing in clinical practice;

2) informing SAKK and network members about new developments in the field;

3) providing policies in the field of cancer predisposition testing and the care of individuals with a genetically conferred high risk of cancer.

The CPTC network will include representatives of different healthcare disciplines, including medical genetics, medical oncology, pathology, hematology, radio-oncology and surgery, laboratory medicine and other healthcare professions.


For membership application, please follow the application guidelines here