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Project Group Breast Cancer

Andreas Müller, MD


Andreas Müller, MD, Breast Center Cantonal Hospital Winterthur

Activities and Achievements

The project group is an active group with a steadily increasing number of members.

Surgical trial a success

The first surgical trial, SAKK 23/13, recruited fast and has completed its accrual in time. Our surgical colleagues have made a tremendous effort and their contribution to the group is essential. The next surgical project is already in preparation.

Another important international trial is SAKK 96/12, which compares fewer denosumab injections to the standard monthly recommendation in patients with bone metastases.

Bench-to-bedside research

SAKK 24/14 was activated in October 2016. This innovative project investigates anti-EGFR immunoliposome therapy in metastatic, triple-negative breast cancer and represents genuine bench-to-bedside research originating in Switzerland. We expect increased accrual in 2017 as several projects are in the pipeline, in particular the adjuvant PALLAS trial. The ambitious “Swiss Sentinel Study” surgical project is in preparation and we hope to succeed in activating this international flag ship trial soon.