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Georg Stüssi, MD, associate professor, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland IOSI Bellinzona

New trial for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL
The leukemia project group activated some important trials in 2016. After protracted negotiations, the GRAALL 2014 trial for young patients with ALL has been opened. This closes a gap of almost three years with no trials in this indication. The second important activation is the HOVON 135 trial for elderly AML patients who are unfit for intensive chemotherapy. this trial is also strategically important for the group as it is the first trial to be carried out by the HOVON/SAKK consortium in this patient population. Since the majority of patients with AML are elderly and often not fit for intensive chemotherapy, it is very likely that this trial will have a good accrual. Its pick-a-winner design envisages future trials based on the same trial design.

The group had an excellent year for accrual. However, the fact that we maintained accrual at the previous year’s level was mainly due to the accrual in the HOVON 132 trial, which will close in 2017. It will be an important challenge to keep the time without open trials in AML for patients aged 18–65 years as short as possible.