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Project Group Lung Cancer

Martin Früh, MD


Martin Früh, MD, associate professor, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

Prof. Solange Peters


Professor Solange Peters, MD-PhD, CHUV - Department of oncology

Activities and Achievements

New immunotherapy trial for patients with lung cancer

Consistent with our main research focus of multimodalitytherapy, we opened the new immunotherapytrial SAKK16/14 for operable non-smallcell lung cancer, continued to recruit patients withsmall-cell lung cancer into SAKK15/12, and completedthe follow up of SAKK16/08 for non-smallcell lung cancer (more details on the trials on page40). The results of SAKK 16/08 are expected in duecourse, and will be presented at an internationalmeeting in 2017. In the field of metastatic non-smallcell lung cancer (NSCLC), a second manuscript fromSAKK19/09 was accepted for publication and adjacenttranslational research is ongoing. Two phase Iproposals were developed in collaboration with thenew anticancer treatments group and approved bythe Board: SAKK19/16 (formerly known as SAKK19/13), testing binimetinib in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy in KRAS-mutant nonsmallcell lung cancer and SAKK17/16, testing lurbinectedinin mesothelioma, which is now beingdeveloped as a phase II trial.

International cooperation increased

Cooperation with international partners was steadilyincreased, mainly with the European ThoracicOncology Platform ETOP and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer EORTC.Looking to the future, the group is currentlydiscussing innovative new protocols to explore definitivelocal therapy for oligometastatic NSCLC,and immunotherapy in elderly and frail patients.Collaboration with the newly founded SAKK workinggroups in molecular oncology and immunotherapywill be strengthened.