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Section Pathology

Prof Rupert Langer, MD


Professor Rupert Langer, MD, Institute of Pathology, University of Bern


The section of Pathology aims to design and conduct translational research in the field of clinical trials. It functions as a platform to promote multicenter trials in the Pathology community. Further, the section is active in the following areas:

  • Quality assurance of clinical trials regarding pathology diagnoses;
  • Review of initial pathology diagnose for quality assurance;
  • Establishment of novel predictive tests, for example PIK3CA for Cetuximab treatment or NRAS-testing Vemurafenib treatment in Melanoma;
  • Translational research requires tissue banking; pathologists are involved in the establishment of biobanks and collection of biomaterial.


  • Development of pathology-based clinical studies;
  • Involvement of pathologists in the early phases of protocol development;
  • Information on SAKK activities involving pathology investigations and translational research to the pathology community.