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Working Group Molecular Oncology

PD Sacha Rothschild. MD-PhD

Sacha Rothschild, MD-PhD, associate professor, University Hospital Basel



Tobias Grob, MD-PhD

Tobias Grob, MD-PhD, associate professor, Institute for pathology / University of Berne


The newly founded working group ensures highquality, comprehensive molecular testing with routine quality assurance for cancer patients in Switzerland. It fosters personalized therapy so that patients receive the best possible treatment based on the molecular characterization of their tumor. This is especially relevant for patients with rare malignant diseases and/or who have recently received established standard therapies.

The group is an interdisciplinary platform for specialists involved in molecular oncology and personalized therapy in medical oncology/hematology. The main stakeholders are medical oncologists, hematologists and (molecular) pathologists. However, molecular biologists, geneticists and specialists for bioinformatics will also be encouraged to actively participate. Moreover, the group aims to coordinate activities under the umbrella of the federal Swiss Personalized Health Initiative and foster personalized healthcare in the field of oncology.