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SAKK Ambassadors

Ursula Abgottspon

Sandro Anchisi

Because teamwork and the involvement of people affected by cancer are at the heart of clinical research: one of the keys to conquering this disease.

Dr. med. Sandro Anchisi, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, CHVR, Valais Hospital (RSV)

I lost my partner to cancer. Cancer is the cruellest diagnosis. For those affected and for their family and friends. It's an emotional rollercoaster.

Ursula Abgottspon, Partner of This Jenny († 15.11.2014)


Cancer is a reality. In our society, in my environment, in my family. I'm grateful for the research of the SAKK. This is why I support its daily engagement for our health as an ambassador for the SAKK.

BAUM, singer

Daniel Betticher

Clinical cancer research of high quality develops modern treatments and gives novel hope to cancer patients – SAKK makes it possible throughout Switzerland!

Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Betticher, Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology, HFR, Hospital of Fribourg

Christoph Bieri

My father introduced me to Swiss wrestling when I was ten. What began as play for a schoolboy has become a sport that I have pursued for years in a competitive capacity. Aside from work, I invest about 12 hours a week in training. This has brought me countless unforgettably sweet successes. Aside sporting enthusiasm of those around me, good health also forms the basis for the passionate pursuit of my hobby. Not everyone has such good fortune with their health as I do. This is why I feel so committed to the SAKK.

Christoph Bieri, Swiss wrestler

Markus Borner

Most of those affected would like to benefit from the latest treatment options themselves and also like to help others learn from these experiences - the SAKK makes this possible.

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Borner, Head of Oncology & Haematology Biel Hospital Centre

Irma Bossart

2013 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, which had already formed metastases in the lungs. An operation was impossible. But I was given the option of taking part in SAKK study 22/10 , as a result of which I have been able to benefit from a new medicine optimally tailored to my type of breast cancer. The medicine is very effective, the metastases have completely regressed and the tumor in the breast has almost completely regressed. Side effects are relatively minor; at present I feel almost healthy. My motivation to take part in the trial was to gain access to a new medic ine. But I'm also prepared to place my data and my treatment history at the disposal of research, so that even better medicines can be developed with even fewer side effects.

Irma Bossart, Patient and study participant

Franco Cavalli

We are learning more and more about cancer and our treatments are getting increasingly better. But cancer will always exist and, with increasing life expectancy, cases of cancer in Switzerland in future will increase if anything. So cancer research is more necessary than ever.

Prof. Dr. med. Franco Cavalli, Cancer specialist and scientific director of the Institute for Oncology in Italian-speaking Switzerland

Thomas Cerny

Swiss Cancer Research congratulates the SAKK on its jubilee – and continues to support it in driving a cancer research that is both innovative and critically questioning of its benefits in addressing the most urgent needs of patients.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Cerny, President of Swiss Cancer Research (KFS/RSC)

Yvonne Gemperle

Thanks to trial medications I have been able to enjoy a pain-free and fulfilled life to date. I can be there for my children and lead an active family life. I'm very grateful for that.

Yvonne Gemperle, Patient and study participant


The SAKK aims to ensure that more people are cured of cancer and more people can live with cancer better. I'm also committed to this.

GUSTAV, Singer

Tanja Gutmann

I was very fortunate and was cured of a benign brain tumor. For this I am incredibly grateful. I support the SAKK in its work to combat cancer so that more people can experience the same good fortune.

Tanja Gutmann, TV and event moderator

Norbert Hochreutener

I congratulate the SAKK on its 50th birthday. It offers patients direct benefits with its very important research work. Targeted, personalized cancer therapy is a major step forward. I wish the SAKK every success in the future as well.

Norbert Hochreutener, National Councilor, President of Swiss Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research

Wendy Holdener

Cancer can affect anyone, which makes associations and foundations like the SAKK all the more important.

Wendy Holdener, Ski-racer

Ruedi Lustenberger

Science & research must meet the challenge to come up with knowledge for practical use. Clinical cancer research does precisely this and helps future patients to benefit from new findings.

Ruedi Lustenberger, former Chairman of the National Council (2014)

Sanna Lüdi

There is a thin line between victory and defeat – I'm committed to the SAKK to help ensure research achieves as many victories against cancer as possible.

Sanna Lüdi, Freestyle skier

Jaël Malli

Today it seems to be still a dream that cancer will one day be conquered. But there are people who have made this their goal. I want to support this engagement.

Jaël Malli, Singer

Christoph Mamot

Better treatment of tumor patients requires both the human touch and also progress; the latter can be achieved through research by SAKK in Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Mamot, Head of Oncology Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Gabriela Manetsch

I'm committed to the SAKK in order to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and to achieve the goal of defeating cancer.

Gabriela Manetsch, Head of Research Team, Graubünden Cantonal Hospital

Klazien Matter-Walstra

The work of the SAKK for the benefit of cancer patients: keeping a cool head in stormy times and heading for a secure haven.

Dr. Klazien Matter-Walstra, Network Outcomes Research, SAKK Coordination Center Bern

Jakob Passweg

The improvement in cancer therapy can only be achieved through clinical studies. For clinical cancer studies: the SAKK

Prof. Dr. med. Jakob Passweg, Head of Haematology Clinic University Hospital Basel

Christoph Rochlitz

I'm actively engaged in the SAKK and support its objectives because I know that nowhere in Switzerland is clinical cancer research done better than it is here.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Rochlitz, Head of Oncology Department, Basel University Hospital

Ted Scapa

Because many friends around me have died of cancer, I would like to be engaged in the fight against cancer for as long as possible.

Ted Scapa, Cartoonist

Mathias Schmid

New medicines for the treatment of cancer are being developed almost every month. The clinical research of the SAKK allows our patients early access to these modern forms of treatment.

Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Schmid, Head of Oncology and Hematology Triemli Hospital Zurich

Mathias Seger

Let's help to get more hits in the fight against cancer!

Mathias Seger, Ice hockey player ZSC Lions, captain of national ice hockey team