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Young Investigators Initiative

Switzerland is facing a shortage of physicians, particularly in primary care.The shortage of young researchers in academic medicine is less widely discussed, although it has been recognized as a growing problem for some years. In the disciplines treating oncology patients (radiotherapy, surgery, medical oncology), this problem is even more pronounced, an issue which was likewise recognized by the SAKK Scientific Advisory Board which recommended further recruiting and promoting young investigators. This Young Investigators Initiative is established by SAKK to tackle the decline in numbers of clinical scientists. Its aim is to support the development of a robust, expanding base of well-trained clinical researchers.  


We believe that for successful clinical researchers the following areas of expertise are essential and offer specifically tailored programs and courses for it:


We believe that the most important success factors for the promotion of young investigators are:

  • Measures and programs at the centers (see respective websites)
  • Political initiatives like the Roadmap 2016-2021 for developing the next Generation of Clinical Researchers or the Program «Protected Research Time for Clinicians».
  • Accompanying measures by the SAKK as enlisted in the document linked in the next paragraph.


For a more detailed explanation and description of the program for the individual areas and further information about our Young Investigator Initiative, please consult the Young Investigators Initiative.