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TAT 2018 – Targeted Anticancer Therapies

TAT 2018 – Targeted Anticancer Therapies - In a constantly evolving oncology environment, ESMO continues to expand its educational offer and conference portfolio and is pleased to announce that as of 2018 ESMO is taking on the TAT Congress, which will now be held on an annual basis in Europe.

The goals and the design of phase 1 studies have changed from just safety/toxicity to now include clinical activity/response and biomarker research. This new phase 1 paradigm has already led to rapid, conditional, approval of several new cancer therapeutics showing outstanding clinical activity in early-phase studies.

TAT focuses on early-phase development and translational research. The programme will cover targeted agents, immuno-oncology and combinations involving such agents. We hope to see you at TAT 2018!



Date & Time

05.03.2018 00:00 - 07.03.2018 23:59



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