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For patients

Clinical studies

Clinical Trials: The SAKK treats around 800 adult patients in clinical trials every year. In these trials, we investigate whether new treatments are effective, well-tolerated and safe.

Taking part in clinical studies

Trial participation: Clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of new treatments for cancer provide added perspectives for patients. Careful evaluation is needed to establish whether treatment in a clinical trial can be considered.

Brochure for patients

Brochures: The SAKK brochure for patients provides comprehensive information on clinical trials. It explains what a clinical trial is, why and how it is carried out, what rights and responsibilities patients have and what the opportunities and risks of a study are.

Genetic counselling

Genetic Counseling: Specialists in Medical Genetics and members of the SAKK Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counselling offer genetic counselling when there is a suspected family predisposition for cancer.