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SAKK information flyer

The information flyer produced by SAKK summarizes the most important aspects of our organization, clinical studies and participation in studies.

info flyer D (PDF)

info flyer F (PDF)

info flyer I (PDF)

Brochure for patients

The SAKK brochure for patients provides comprehensive information on clinical studies. It explains what a clinical study is, why and how it is carried out, what rights and responsibilities patients have and what the opportunities and risks of a study are.

Brochure D (PDF) / Insert D (PDF)

Brochure F (PDF) / Insert F (PDF)

Brochure I (PDF) / Insert I (PDF)

SAKK Flyer

This flyer summarizes what we want, what we do and contains the map of clinical cancer research.

SAKK Flyer D (PDF)

SAKK Flyer F (PDF)

SAKK Flyer I (PDF)

SAKK donations brochure

In the interest of cancer patients both now and in the future, the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research is working on further advances and improvements in prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment. The aim of our research is to increase the quality of life of cancer patients and to reduce the number of cancer patients further. Our donors and sponsors place their trust in us. We aim to live up to their expectations and remain committed at all times to the highest possible quality of our research projects. Read more on the many ways to support our work in our donations brochure.

Donations brochure D (PDF)

Donations brochure F (PDF)

Donations brochure I (PDF)

You can order the brochures here.