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Our trials

The SAKK has a vision: we bring progress to cancer care

Our trials

This vision informs the activities of the SAKK, whose aim is to research new treatments for cancer, to develop existing treatments further taking all therapeutic modalities into account and to improve the chances of a cure for cancer patients. To this end, the SAKK has carried out clinical cancer studies at all major Swiss hospitals since 1965 as a decentralized academic research institute. In the case of relatively rare cancers, the SAKK collaborates with selected cooperative groups abroad.

The project groups of the SAKK are committed to conducting research in the prioritized fields of research, namely breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumours, leukaemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, urogenital tumours and new anticancer treatments.

The SAKK also endeavours to extend clinical research to fields outside the prioritized project groups, such as head and neck tumours, sarcoma, melanoma, CNS tumours and gynaecological tumours.

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